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John Hunter Excellence in Plotting Contest 2019

Posted on Mon 27 May 2019 in info • Tagged with communication

In memory of John Hunter, we are pleased to be announce the SciPy John Hunter Excellence in Plotting Contest for 2019. This open competition aims to highlight the importance of data visualization to scientific progress and showcase the capabilities of open source software.

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New insights on the practices of documentation of open-source software.

Posted on Tue 12 June 2018 in info • Tagged with communication

The Berkeley Institute for Data Science hosts research, events, and tool development focused on facilitating data-intensive research. Today, computational research and data analytics relies on complex ecosystems of open source software (OSS) tools and libraries. Software documentation is crucial to help researchers discover and use these tools, to help build a community ecosystem of data science packages, and to define best practices in the field. However, software documentation in open source is notoriously considered low-quality. Why is good documentation so difficult to write in open source software, what can communities do to better support good documentation in their projects?

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Submit a Bird of a feather for Scipy 2018!

Posted on Mon 22 May 2017 in info • Tagged with communication, coding, scipy

Submissions for Scipy's BoF are opened!

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Software Engineers positions to work on numpy at BIDS

Posted on Mon 06 March 2017 in info • Tagged with communication, coding

BIDS recently secured funding for two software engineers to work on…

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